A Time of Change

A Time of Change

Fall... what a time to be alive.

As I write this, looking eastward toward the vibrant orange sunrise, I notice the unmistakable characteristics of autumn. The maple tree on the horizon patterned softly with red-orange leaves dancing in the wind. The warmth of the rising sun gently nudging the chill fog off its dewy nesting grounds. In the lifting of the fog, the pattern of the suns rays create tapestries that artists could never replicate. The brisk air paired with the stillness of morning is a production of peace that flows through my mind and body alike.
Yes change is in the air, and I've concluded that's simply all I want to talk about. This is a contractor blog however, so I've decided to talk about what falls means to us, and how that may affect you.

We have hit fall in full stride of a packed schedule. Like many other companies out there, we have been blessed with a healthy work load this whole year, fall not withstanding. As a matter of fact, it's around the transition in the weather when the phone begins to jump off my desk unceasingly. Not to say that we live in an era of procrastination, but most people calling in right now are telling me the same thing- "I'd like it done before winter". Now don't get me wrong, if it wasn't for the last minute I wouldn't get anything done! This season is busy busy busy for roofers and construction workers. The cool mornings as of late bring to the forefront of everyone's mind the impending reality...winter! With thoughts of snowfall and ice storms, people are rushing to the phone in order to remedy their incoming situation. A whole lot of people don't trust their roof to make it through another season of snow and ice. Others need a storage building ASAP to avoid the pontoon enduring the harsh sting of winter once more. Regardless of the motive, most people know that winter is when things will be truly put to the test, and the chill of fall is simply a prelude. The cruel icy breath of winter magnifies every loose end, and exposes short comings and lack of planning. We're racing around these days and doing our best to fit in as much as possible. For many there is reprieve coming. For others (mostly those wanting shingle roofs) expectations are set for the work to be done in the spring of next year.

So what are we up to this fall? I'm glad you asked! I'll start on the roofing side of things. Right now Joas, Josh and the boys are hustling to squeeze in as many shingle roofs as possible before the temperature dips too low to install.

Since shingles rely on a strip of adhesive to water proof and hold together, we don't dare install shingles in the cold of winter. That is a poor practice which for the most part has gone the wayside. You would think that shingles would simply seal together when that first warm stretch hit, but it just isn't the case. If you can imagine, that adhesive strip is gathering dust and granules all winter long, so the adhesion just isn't the same. Don't worry though, we can still keep the roofing crew busy! With the public opinion of steel roofing constantly increasing, we've seen the sales of steel roofs increase as of late. Since steel does not rely on any kind of adhesive to seal properly, it can be installed all winter long. Many of you may also be familiar with a product known as stone coated steel (see the pic on the homepage). This is a steel product that imitates shingle or shake style roofing (Click Here), and can also be installed through the cold months. We will talk about this product at length in future posts! So with the increase in steel roof sales, the roofing crew will remain busy even in the chill of winter.

Construction is another beast entirely. Construction does have a knack for slowing down a bit in the winter time, but we're not so sure that will be the case this time around. What we do know, is that fall is slammed! We have post frames, pole barn homes, and home additions to complete before the end of the year. As a matter of fact, John, Ezra, and Jamie are currently building a beautiful gambrel-style barndominium! As I write, these 3 men are most likely beginning to hang steel on the post frame structure.

This fall the biggest issue has been and will remain to be concrete. We could write a whole post on this! With limited quotas of cement being trucked out, it is difficult to get onto the schedule. We build everything on permanent concrete foundations, which makes our schedule a moving target. Nonetheless, we which much rather have it this way, and we thank all you out there who have kept us busy!

We may not know how everything will work out, but we do know that autumn will soon elate our hearts with the breathtaking views of brilliant color. The brisk mornings will bring temperatures lower and lower as we approach the turning of another season. Yet in all things we give thanks! We've been so blessed this year, and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are new mercies awaiting us daily! Happy Fall!

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