Getting Started

Getting Started

I believe, as the saying goes, there's a first time for everything. Though we may not be the most skilled, or eloquent authors in the world, we hope these simple blogs will enlighten and entertain you as you read. So to kick off our content creation, lets start at the beginning. Lets go back to a year when you had to enter a password to open an Iphone. A time before self driving cars or Amazon delivery drones. Where Tik Tok was not an app on your phone, but a Ke$ha song sitting atop the charts. Have you guessed it yet?

The year was 2010, the school year had waned to an end, and 1 humble school teacher had a goal in mind for those 3 months; to establish himself as the go-to local contractor. Delbert Troyer spent that summer recruiting job after job, proving himself as a trustworthy and competent name in the roofing industry. Delbert was able to stay more than busy for that first roofing season, and proceeded back to school the following September feeling well accomplished. Though he now may admit the first summer didn't end up as profitable as it was busy, Delbert had hit his goal of establishing himself. The next several summers he returned for more of the same. These following years he was able to enlist more help (some teachers) and continue to pursue the roofing passion. Delbert was continuing in this cycle for several years until 2013. Little did he know, his company was about to root itself even deeper into area with the addition of a business partner. And who do you think this partner would've been? Unbeknownst to him, it would be a former student that would come alongside Delbert and elevate the ranks of the business to a new height.

After 3 years of the on-again off-again summer's-only schedule, Delbert took the leap and went full time in his new field of work. With the addition of former school student John Borkholder, they established D&J Roofing and Construction. For those of you who were paying attention, you probably noticed that I added construction to the name. While Delbert was part-time in the roofing field, John had been out and about, learning every type of construction under the sun. Like peanut butter and jelly, the pair were meant to come together. As the knowledge and experience of the company grew, their exposure grew as well. John and Delbert continued to roof, but also got into the frame game, building many post-frame buildings and houses. D&J paired with New Energy Homes, in order to better serve the growing need for energy efficient construction. Expanding in the roofing business, John and Delbert became certified installers for stone coated steel roofing systems. D&J is still one of the very few roofing companies around that are able to offer these types of roofing materials.

Today D&J continues that legacy of growth, greatness, and good people. Many things are on the horizon, and already being manifest here at D&J. I myself am a new addition to this company, but that's a story for another time. Indeed there's much to write about ongoing here. From new homes we are building, to new products that we are using, and new systems being put in place.

So that's our short introduction to the D&J Blog. As these publishings continue, we hope you will come along to follow our journey, and have a happy distraction in your time spent reading. Be on the lookout for more coming your way!

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