What's Your Best Price

What's Your Best Price

We are all among the guilty. We go out shopping for something that will satisfy an impending need. What we're after must be high quality. It must last. It must make life better for us. Then what happens? We see the price tag, and all at once the only thing that matters is the cost. What do we end up doing? We settle. We settle for less than perfect, something that will do for now... or so we think. With nigh inevitability, we find ourselves wishing for a do over. We have just experience buyer's remorse. Let's talk about that today. Let's learn the difference between getting the best price, and getting the best deal.

Everybody in the world wants to feel like a winner. Nobody wants to feel taken, nobody wants to feel cheated. That's why 99% of us buy with our guard up. We buy with a voice in the back of our head constantly plotting an exit route from the situation. How many of us research copious objects on the internet before even making the first call or visit to the showroom? If you didn't you probably wouldn't be here on our website now. Educating yourself as a buyer is one of the best things you can do to ensure your satisfaction from every buying situation. I myself constantly research hunting bows in the hopes that someday my wife will be thrilled to fork over $1,500 to put a smile on my face. By the time I step into that archery shop, I have already narrowed my buying list down to just a few prospects. I know what I like, and it just comes down to the final finishes, and mostly the price. I see the listed price limply hanging from the oversized marketing tag on every bow in the room. With a smugness on my face I propose to the man in the shop "Surely there's some wiggle room, right?". He won't get the better of me, I'm in charge of this situation.

Let's stop and reason this out together. I used to be the buyer that was described above, but now I've totally reinvented my philosophy. Perhaps a better way to say it is that a little philosophy reinvented me. As I've grown up, and you can probably relate, I'm much less concerned with what I give up, but more so what I am getting. I've been through and done more things now than I had as a child. I am much more motivated by what I will be getting versus what I will be giving. When I buy a high ticket item, I want what I want. And what is it that I mostly want? I want to be satisfied with my experience. The testing phase, the buying phase, and all that comes after. I want to feel not only that my product is the best for my situation, but that the people standing behind the product are equally or even more so compatible to me. I want to know that if a problem arises, it is only a problem in the now, and will be handled correctly and swiftly. The biggest thing I've learned, is service of that nature does not manifest itself as the lowest bidder.

So what is truly the best price? As I have just described in the paragraph before, I do not think that the best price has anything to do with price itself. Price is merely a representation of value. I choose to go to Chick-Fil-A for many reasons, but the biggest one is how fast 58 cars are moved through the drive through line! Heck, I am more than willing to pay extra for that! Those of you with several kids probably understand that sentiment even more so than I do. No ladies and gentleman, the best deal is not the lowest price. Or very very rarely is it ever the lowest price. If you pay for insurance at the lowest price, but that insurance chooses to cover no damages, than all along you were TRULY paying for nothing. I say the best price, and the best deal are one in the same. The best price is the price that will leave you with the best experience. It may not always be the lowest price, may not always be the highest either. That is why you ought to buy based almost solely on who or what brings you the best value. Up front, buy from who makes you feel most confident that you will be given a product, and most of all, an experience that you are proud to have!

I believe the best price is the price that gets you the most. If you could pay $1500 more for peace of mind, I bet you would do it. Matter of fact, I'm guessing your ceiling is even higher than that! Consumers want/need to feel at peace and even excited by their purchase. We have all tried to skim by with the lowest price. We cross our fingers and grit our teeth in hopes that it keeps holding on just a little bit longer. Don't you wish you would've considered more than just price? That you would've considered value? In considering value, you would have truly discovered who really did have the best price. You see, the best price is more than a buying statement. I've learned to tell my prospects, I will ALWAYS get you the best price. I never ever mean the lowest price. I tell them the best price, because it's the price that brings them the best company, the highest level of care, the easiest communication, the best warranty, and a product that brings satisfaction for it's lifetime.

At last, I urge you once more in closing. Do your research, and truly consider...what is the best price?

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